High School Athletes and the NCAA Eligibility Center

Record Release for student-athletes

College coaches often ask for copies of current transcripts as part of their eligibility screening process. Students: complete the BCHS Record Release Form now in order to save yourself a step later. Return completed form to the Guidance Office to allow us to release your records when requested.

NCAA announces new minimum standards

Updated January 2013

The NCAA recently has instituted new minimum standards for graduating high school students to participate at Division I level institutions. Visit the www.ncaa.org 2point3 website for details about these guidelines.

Any student-athlete wishing to participate in collegiate athletics at the Division I or Division II level must complete a NCAA Clearinghouse Release form at the beginning of their senior year.

These forms are available from the NCAA Eligibility Center on their official website. The links on the right (top group) will take you to areas on that NCAA Eligibility website.

The links in the bottom group on this page are documents that can be helpful in understanding the process and guiding the student-athlete and parent as they explore athletics in college.

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