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Bishop Chatard Cheerleading
2014 NCA: Varsity Chant Champ, JV Game Time Champ, Alex Syndram: Captain Leadership Award

Summer Cheer Practices

Summer cheerleading practices for all levels will be held on Tuesdays, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. in June and July (excluding Moratorium week).

Job Opening: Head Cheerleading Coach

Bishop Chatard is accepting applications for the position of Head Cheerleading coach. Application deadline is June 2.
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2016/2017 Bishop Chatard Cheerleaders
Name Year Affiliation
Rachael Ferguson 12 St Pius X
Katie Gray 12 St Pius X
Kelly Marsella 12 St Pius X
Macy Malott 12 St Pius X
Lauren Neely 12 St. Thomas
Sian Rhodes 12 St Simon
Tori Richardson 12 St Matthew
Kayla Zehner 12 St. Simon
Sian Rhodes 12 St. Simon
Emily Sands 11 St. Luke
Caroline Richardson 11 St. Thomas
Taliyah Guy 10 St. Matthew
Monica Babbey 10 St. Joan of Arc
Desirae Fuller 10 Chapel Hill/St. Luke
Emily Mees 10 IHM
Name Year Affiliation
Angel Bills 11 St. Lawrence
Kylie Donaldson 11 St Luke
Sydney Hayes 11 Christ the King
Sydney Ragsdale 10 St. Michael
Colette Pauta 10 Grover Cleveland, NJ
Molly Katra 10 Christ the King
Catie Hartley 10 St. Luke
Reilly Barraza 10 Christ the King
Mia Monachino 9 St. Simon
Madeline Felts 9 St. Simon
Molly Grant 9 St. Simon
Joslyn Wims 9 Merle Sidener
Name Year Affiliation
Caroline Machala 9 St. Simon
Christine Millman 9 IHM
Kyla Brigham 9 Fall Creek Valley
Zoe Daniels 9 St. Lawrence
Olivia Smithers 9 Christ the King
Jailyn Beckles 9 St. Lawrence