Frequently Asked Questions

When is next summer’s moratorium week?

What is the inclement weather policy for practices and contests?

How much of the school day does a student-athlete need to attend in order to participate in a practice or game on that day (or over the weekend if Friday is in question)?

Help..I still do not understand the GPA requirement.

Aren’t grade requirements and the Code of Conduct unfairly singling out athletes?

What are the athletic department’s expectations of parents?

How important is winning to BCHS?

How much playing time should my child expect?

What forms are needed before a student can participate in a Bishop Chatard sport?

How are decisions made as to who ‘makes the team’ in the various sports?

To whom do I go if I have a concern/problem with a coach?

If a student/athlete is interested in playing sports in college, what procedure is followed?

Whis is BCHS’s Code of Conduct for Athletes?