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Class of 2023

These are honors received in 2022-23 only. Check back for career honors in late 2023.
Name Year Sport(s) Award
Caroline Bell 2023 Track, Basketball Details
Christopher Board 2023 Volleyball Details
Brianna Buels 2023 Soccer, Track Details
R.J. Bradshaw 2023 Track Details
Caroline Clapacs 2023 Cross Country, Track Details
Lily Cridge 2023 Cross Country Details
William Dietrick 2023 Tennis Details
Robert Davidson 2023 Basketball Details
Noah Dudik 2023 Football, Track Details
Aiden Duncan 2023 Baseball,Football Details
Jack Dixon 2023 Wrestling Details
Grace Felts 2023 Volleyball, Track Details
Davis Falcon 2023 Cross Country, Track Details
Isaac Fischer 2023 Football Details
Benjamin Harless 2023 Soccer Details
Grace Hurley 2023 Swimming Details
Zade Kaklesperis 2023 Lacrosse Details
CeCe Leffler 2023 Soccer Details
Aaron Loiselle 2023 Swimming, Cross Country Details
Wade McAllister 2023 Football, Lacrosse Details
Nathan Meyer 2023 Rugby Details
Jakob Moore 2023 Rugby Details
Avery Nagel 2023 Softball Details
Billy Nash 2023 Lacrosse Details
Lucy Pyrz 2023 Softball Details
J.P. Polackin 2023 Baseball Details
William Pruitt 2023 Golf, Tennis Details
John Rushenberg 2023 Wrestling Details
Stella Schulte 2023 Softball Details
Sarah Semon 2023 Golf Details
Lauren Shanks 2023 Volleyball Details
Lexi Thatcher 2023 Volleyball Details
Anna Thompson 2023 Track, Basketball Details
Drew VanVleet 2023 Football Details
Jef Waugh 2023 Wrestling, Football Details
Cole Weber 2023 Track, Soccer Details