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Class of 2022

Name Year Sport(s) Award
Grace Adams 2022 Soccer, Basketball Details
Jack Annee 2022 Football, Baseball Details
Brady Armstrong 2022 Soccer Details
Samantha Ball 2022 Volleyball Details
Nolan Bosley 2022 Volleyball Details
Brady Braun 2022 Football Details
Nadia Brehm 2022 Golf Details
Eli Bustamante 2022 Wrestling Details
Kate Caskey 2022 Softball, Golf Details
Hannah Coffel 2022 Softball Details
Patrick Countryman 2022 Football, Swimming Details
Izzy Davis 2022 Basketball Details
Carly deCastro 2022 Volleyball, Basketball Details
Ruby Durham 2022 Softball Details
Jackie Figura 2022 Swimming Details
Mara Foley 2022 Cross Country, Track Details
George Gamble 2022 Soccer, Track Details
Alex Gantz 2022 Cross Country, Track Details
Ella Grace Giedd 2022 Lacrosse Details
Tommy Hannon 2022 Football, Wrestling, Rugby Details
Charlie Harr 2022 Volleyball Details
Will Hasbrook 2022 Swimming Details
Hailee Howe 2022 Softball Details
Melanie Jansen 2022 Volleyball Details
Nate Joven 2022 Track Details
Sara Kelly 2022 Volleyball Details
Todd Kelsey 2022 Football Details
Dan Konvolinka 2022 Baseball Details
Madison Loiselle 2022 Swimming Details
Ruby Mason 2022 Soccer, Lacrosse Details
Mary Mastrian 2022 Soccer Details
Nicholas Mates 2022 Lacrosse Details
Hilary Meek 2022 Lacrosse Details
Connor Moriarity 2022 Cross Country, Track Details
Kylie Nagel 2022 Lacrosse Details
Mike Nash 2022 Soccer, Track Details
Danny O’Gara 2022 Track Details
Dylan Peters 2022 Rugby Details
Tanner Quackenbush 2022 Football, Rugby Details
Alex Rodriguez 2022 Soccer Details
A.J. Roseman 2022 Basketball Details
Brandon Salas 2022 Football Details
Mary Bea Sowinski 2022 Cross Country, Track Details
Carter St. John 2022 Football, Basketball Details
Emma Stapleton 2022 Track Details
Mallory Stewart 2022 Cross Country Details
Mayan Stickel 2022 Cross Country, Track Details
Mia Todd 2022 Swimming Details
Lily Wendt 2022 Softball Details
Sylvester Williams 2022 Track Details
Michael Yurk 2022 Volleyball Details