Physicals and Athletic Forms

Sports Physicals for Spring Sports athletes need to be completed BEFORE any athlete can participate in practice or tryouts. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Physicals must be dated 4/1/22 or later for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Boy Scouts physicals, CYO physicals, other state physicals are not acceptable.

In addition to the physicals, parents and students need to make sure they have signed all of the necessary consent, travel, and code of conduct form. You will be able to tell if these forms have been completed by looking on your Final Forms account to see if the “Forms Icons” are green or red. Green means the forms are completed, red means they are not.
  • View below directions on how to print off the IHSAA physical form within Final Forms and add completed physical forms.

  • About the Athletic Physical

    ALL students (new, returning and incoming freshmen), before participating in any BCHS athletics, are required to have a completed IHSAA PPE Physical form on file in FinalForms AND all other forms in FinalForms completed and signed.

    • IHSAA requires the Physical Exam form to be signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant, a parent/guardian, and the athlete.
    • Physicals must be dated on or after APRIL 1, 2022 to be valid for the 2022-23 school year. 8th grade or CYO physicals are not accepted.
    • Open your FinalForms account and view your student’s area (figure below).
    • Be sure health related areas are completed for the student. (#3 in figure below)
    • Click on #4 PPE Medical and a pre-filled form will be available for printing. (Be patient it may take a moment).
    • Take the Physical Examination page to your physical. Have it completed by medical personnel and signed by all parties, to be returned to BCHS.
    • The other pre-filled pages can be given to your medical examiner for their records.
    • The last page, Release and Consent Certificate, can be discarded. It was completed in Final Forms.
    Final Form Screen Shot

    • Scan the document or take a high quality cell phone photo and upload it to your student’s profile in FinalForms. Use #5 button (see figure below) in the student’s record. Try to give the document a descriptive title with student’s name and the current year. Thank you! Final Form Screen ShotOR
    • Submit a paper copy to the Athletic Office. We’ll add it to your student’s profile in FinalForms.
    Final Forms Logo

    Software for Physicals, Athletics Forms & Communication

    One-stop shop for parents, students, coaches, our Athletic Trainer and the Athletics Department.
    This replaces our old ‘Ticket to Play’ process!

    • Medical and emergency info entered will be saved season-to-season and year-to-year. Updates can be made at any time and will be immediately available to the Athletics Staff, coaches and athletic trainer.
    • Student emails and phone numbers are entered by parents for use by coaches.
    • Receive email notifications through the system from the BCHS Athletic Trainer and coaches.
    • Download a pre-filled Medical History and Physical Form for use during your physical.
    • Upload completed physical form via the software.

    Parent Playbook: How to create your family’s account

    Questions about FinalForms? Contact the BCHS team at

    Where to find what on your student’s record Final Form Screen Shot
    • #1 Parents who have signed all their forms can ‘nudge’ their students to complete their part.
    • #2 Select ALL the sports your student is interested in. This puts the student on that sport’s list.
    • #3 Add or update medical history, emergency contacts, insurance and consent forms here.
    • #4 Download a pre-filled Physical Form to show to your doctor. Be patient this may take a few seconds to display. If this doesn’t work, check that you’ve completed all the medical forms for the student.
    • #5 Upload your completed 1-page Physical Exam here.
    • #6 The profile area will list any medical notes from the Athletic Trainer

    Tech Tips

    • For the best online experience, use a laptop, desktop or mobile device rather than a cell phone.
    • Student BCHS emails can be used in the software.
    • When parents have all their forms completed, the system will automatically email your student to create his/her account to sign their forms.
    • Please update the software if there is a change in medical or emergency information.
    • Parents will receive an email notification from the system when the Athletic Trainer has updated a Medical Note for the student.
    • If you don’t receive your initial setup confirmation email through the system, look in your spam folder and mark as ‘Not Spam’. If you still experience problems, contact the FinalForm support team at

    Questions? Please contact our BCHS team via for all questions about BCHS procedures through Final Forms.