Sports Medicine Club

The BCHS Sports Medicine Club will provide an opportunity for students to be exposed to medicine. This club will replace the “student trainer” role. Members will use the title “Sports Medicine Aide (SMA)”. The sports medicine club is not limited to only the fall season; it is open to new members all school year.



  • Learn to stay calm during emergencies
  • Apply blood-borne pathogen precautions
  • Speak with visiting athletic trainers, physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Communicate confidential health information in the HIPAA guidelines
  • Gain a basic understanding of medical terminology
  • Lead student athletes through rehabilitation exercises and understand proper movement patterns
  • Understand concepts of health care administration
  • Analyze legal, ethical and insurance considerations in sports medicine
  • Assess environmental factors that lead to injury
  • Investigate the psychological aspects of injury
  • Rehearse emergency scenarios


SMAs may choose to assist with a team (football, softball, basketball, etc). The SMA is expected to follow that team’s practice and game schedule.

For example, if a student wants to assist the football team, he/she must attend the weekly practices in order to assist during the games. This is necessary if a student wishes to receive a varsity letter with a team.

If a student does not want to assist during games, he/she may come to practices and float between sports teams. For example, a student is unable to attend every Monday, he/she may come Tuesday through Friday for other teams practices but not help with games.

  • SMAs may participate every day or individual days after school for ANY team.
  • Students from any grade or age are able to participate.
  • There is no cost to participate in the club.
Interested? Fill in the SPORTS CLUB AGREEMENT and turn in to our Athletic Trainer MJ Barnes. Questions? Contact her at